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About us

Chane Pharmacy is a neighborhood pharmacy structured towards providing holistic pharmaceutical care to a very diverse population. We are situated in Nashville area of Tennessee with a very diverse population of immigrants and locals. We provide various pharmaceutical services including: prescription filling, various immunizations, Medication therapy management, and one on one personal counseling about medications, and treatments.

We carry a full range of supplements and multivitamin by notable manufacturers such a Nature Bounty, Sun Down, Mason, and NatureMade. We also stock an array of other Over the Counter Medications for cold and allergy, oral health, in addition to sundry Over the Counter first aid and general goods items.

Our staffs are highly very knowledgeable and provide one on one service to our various customers, either during making OTC choices or during prescription pick up. The diverse cultural and ethnic background of our pharmacy team makes it possible to provide a needed balanced service, taking into consideration individual cultural sensitivities.

We offer prices that are very competitive and we can outmatch our competitors. As a discount pharmacy, we make our prices affordable and pharmaceutical healthcare services reachable. As a courtesy to our numerous customers, we also provide free local medication delivery to our customers within a certain mile radius.

Free Delivery, Discounted Prescription Prices, Outmatched competitors; WE simply cannot be beaten

Punch Line --- Nashville Discount Pharmacy with Free Local Delivery

Products, Oral Care, First Aid Items, Diabetes care, Cold and Allergy Medicines, Stomach care Medicines, Eye/Ear Care, herbal supplements and multivitamins by various manufacturers.

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