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We stock a wide range of products both prescription and OTC products. Our OTC products include vitamins, herbal products and supplements form notable manufacturers such as; Nature Bounty, Mason, Sundown and Naturemade. We also stock an array of sundry healthcare products such as bandages, and various types of lumbar support. Our line of OTC products includes the following:
  • FirstAid Supplies
  • Pain Relief
  • Cold and Allergy Relief products
  • Stomach Medicines
  • Laxatives
  • Antacids
  • OTC Acid Relief products
  • Various Eye/ Ear drops
  • Various Eye Washes
  • Anti-hemorhodal Creams
  • Footcare Products
  • Toothcare Products


We provide various immunizations including: Flu shots, Zostavax, Pneumonia, Tetanus shots and any other type of immunization.


At Chane Pharmacy; we carry a whole line of prescription items, which are discounted to make it affordable to our numerous customers. We can match our competitor prices and we accept all major insurance carriers. Our generic prizes are simply unbeatable and we pride ourselves in providing affordable prescription medications with excellent customer service.


We deliver prescriptions and OTC purchases free of charge to our local customers. In addition to these services we provide on the spot counselling about your medications before they are handed to you during the delivery process. This service is particularly useful to those who have no means of transportation, or those who may not be able to pick up their medications due to the weather. With the coming cold SEASON MAKE SURE YOU ARE ABLE TO CASH IN ON THIS FREE AND AVAILABLE GREAT SERVICE.